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In The Beginning

We love their radiant colors and vibrant patterns; but do we know the story behind them? Do we know how they came to be? Why they came to be? In this edition we will be looking at the history of the Ankara fabric and how it has grown so popular in recent times. We will be exploring the complex roots of this beautiful fabric and how models and celebrities alike have ended up parading in this beauty. Although many of us may not be aware, the Ankara fabric is not the only “traditional” fabric associated with Africa. Other types of fabrics unique to the African dynasty include Kitenge, Adire, Aso-Oke, Kanga, Shweshwe, Kente, Bogola, Kuba among others. It is noteworthy to mention that not all mo

Nine Lives of Your African Wax Print

Are you considering buying a beautiful African wax print outfit for a special occasion but not sure how to manage it long term? Or did you recently purchase one and can’t seem to figure how best to make it retain the richness and intensity of its colors? Well! Well! Well! Worry not. We’ve got you covered in this edition of our blog. African wax print or Ankara fabrics as they popularly known are very vibrant and richly coloured fabrics which are truly a sight to behold. They come in varied quality, patterns, textures and colours with the capacity to survive the seasons of the year many times over depending on how well it is managed. Most Ankara fabrics of excellent quality do not bleed easil

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