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Compliments of the Season people! How did your week go? To tell you the truth, we couldn’t wait to have you back and that’s why we’ve put together this series that will blow your mind for the next couple of weeks – till we bring you something even bigger. Think about it, we want you to find us worthy of being the preferred African clothing brand of choice in Canada and across the world. Hence, what better way to do this than to bring our clothing and style directly to you? Exactly! We are of the opinion that you will appreciate these pieces if we shed more light on how they’ve been named, how they came to be and some other important details. So today we will be kicking off the series with th

The Power of Versatility

A lot of times we take a huge step in trying something new, different or audacious. This can range from as little as substituting the brand of your toothpaste to life changing decisions. However, we also understand that in making certain decisions we strive not to lose our roots; as such, the goal becomes to modify and not to eliminate. This could be likened to the phrase “One goes vegan, but never stops eating.” Ankara fabric, no doubt is a unique piece of treasure capable of embellishing one’s appearance with great vibrancy and remarkable richness of colour. This could be further accentuated by the elaborate patterns and warm texture of the fabric. Nonetheless, we sometimes find ourselves


We certainly do love Christmas. Think about it - time with family, best sales everywhere, holidays, vacations, galas and balls… what's there not to love about Christmas? However, there’s one thing that comes with the season too that nobody looks forward to especially if you’re in Canada: *Drum-roll please* Yes, winter is coming. Just because it’s winter doesn’t necessarily mean all your prints have to go into hiding. The trick with winter has always been to layer up and layer up correctly. In today’s edition, we’ll be giving you a few tricks on how to make you and your Ankara prints, winter ready with OPERATION "E.W.W.S" (Embrace Winter with Style)! First and foremost, do you have Ankara sca


It was a beautiful evening at the Social Enterprise Hub as Saint John Community Loan fund and Hemming House marked their first birthday on December 1, 2017. As promised, there was livemusic, local artists, a market, film festival and foooooooooooooooood!! Oh, the food was so good. Clearly, a lot of thought was put into the preparation of the event. The birthday bash kicked off at exactly 6pm with a lot of people flooding in and around the building. For those who came around, they’d remember we were flanked by Sussex Beard Oil Merchants and Earth’s Essence. However, with a mannequin dressed in our Zainab two-tone Maxi dress, our stand was not difficult to spot. We received a lot of admiration

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