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Bisi Blue

It’s been amazing weeks of series so far and we are glad a lot of us are really taking notes! If you look closely at how we’ve been dishing out our stories in the last couple of weeks, you’ll realize we actually do follow a pattern. Taking into consideration that the weather is colder in North America now, we are focusing on jumpsuits which are very appropriate for the season. This is not to say KaimaDesigns only deals with Jumpsuits. How can? Like we told you last week, we are here for all the tailoring perturbation you could possibly have. However, please note regarding this series, that we can only showcase outfits that are still in stock or that we plan on restocking on. Hence, you might

Kaima is Here!

I remember quite recently when a friend of mine moved down from Ghana to Canada, to start work. The drive down to the airport was a breeze as the roads were clear; it was August, summer was just winding down. Standing just by the exit leading to the parking lot was Ana, dressed in a beautiful flowing silk dress with bags that could easily pass for weights. I quietly wondered what could be in all these bags as I pulled up closer to her. We said our hellos and did our hugs before we settled in for the drive back home. Permit me to tell you that Ana has the perfect shape of an hourglass – no kidding. This was difficult to see in the dress she was wearing at the time but of course, I knew her be

Bose Yellow

Hello! Hello! Thank you so much for making it back here for another exciting time on our blog! Wow! You are the real deal! Before we go into what we have for you today, how’s your day going? No seriously, how is it? If you are on the East coast, I can imagine the snow is really pouring down heavily and to worsen the situation, we have a weatherman who tells us it’s -5°C but we have a wind chill of -49°C. Really? Let’s get this straight, Mr Weatherman. If the wind chill is what it really feels like, then sir, the temperature is -49°C. WE need to get FACTUAL information so that WE can dress up accordingly. Imagine thinking the weather is one you can just wrap a scarf, only to get outside and


A happy and prosperous new year to you and yours! Welcome back to your number one fashion blog! Wow! Look at us; this dream of ours which was put into motion last year has really come this far. We couldn’t have done it without you. Knowing you are always there for us, inspires us to dish out only the best to you! We do hope that all your aspirations will come alive sooner than you think. Let 2018 be your year to stand your ground in whatever industry you belong to. No more procrastination – all you must do is ‘believe’. It’s time to Go out there and conquer whatever has held you back! Last week, we started off a series with Kufre, where we highlighted the uniqueness of our outfits as well

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