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Extra Dessert Day?

Did you know September 4 is “Eat an Extra Dessert Day”? Although its origin cannot be clearly traced, it is believed to be a day that encourages people to treat their sweet tooth with an extra helping of dessert. Here are some tips to celebrate this unofficial observance: 1) Indulge yourself in a little extra dessert on this day and inform everyone you know about this happy holiday. We are convinced that it will soon become everyone's favorite made-up holiday! 2) Spend some time in the kitchen whipping up some delicious desserts to share with your friends, family and co-workers.Have a dessert party! 3) Ask guests to bring their favorite dessert to share and spend the evening enjoying the des

...Towards a Greater Nation

Labour Day is believed to be one of the most anticipated holidays among workers because of the long weekend associated with it. Irrespective of the sentiments associated with the day-off, it provides an occasion to commemorate the efforts and contributions of all workers towards nation building regardless of their occupation, industry or position. As we mark this year's Labour Day, we recognize and thank all workers and volunteers in all sectors who continue to strive towards a making our nation a better place through their hard work and dedication. We celebrate all workers who tirelessly uphold the dignity of labour daily. We encourage all unemployed persons seeking opportunities to add val

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