About Fashion Power

Fashion Power is an annual charity fashion show organized to support Canadian charities and Kaima Designs’ Girl Child Education Initiative. With the support of generous and compassionate individuals and organizations in the community, beneficiaries receive timely assistance required to fulfil their goals.

Every year, a local charity is selected by Kaima Designs based on some criteria.

Kaima Designs was established in the fall of 2017 as an online African-inspired trendsetting clothing brand to help clients re-define the concept of true beauty - adventurous, bold, unique, socially responsive and responsible. In winter of 2018, Kaima Designs incorporated men’s fashion into its product line as it continues to create exceptional designs by adapting African wax prints to contemporary styles to produce unique apparel. Our children's collection was launched in fall of 2019 to position Kaima Designs as a brand committed to providing trendy fashion to the entire family unit.


Our designs portray the uniqueness, boldness, tenacity, resilience, and strength of the individual. Each design is intricately woven with passion and determination which is reflective of our values.

Sponsorship and partnership opportunities are available for Fashion Power 2021. Please contact Christine at christine@kaimadesigns.com for more information.

Annual Fashion Power

Kaima Designs. African Clothing Brand in Atlantic Canada.

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