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We certainly do love Christmas. Think about it - time with family, best sales everywhere, holidays, vacations, galas and balls… what's there not to love about Christmas?

However, there’s one thing that comes with the season too that nobody looks forward to especially if you’re in Canada:

*Drum-roll please*

Yes, winter is coming.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t necessarily mean all your prints have to go into hiding. The trick with winter has always been to layer up and layer up correctly. In today’s edition, we’ll be giving you a few tricks on how to make you and your Ankara prints, winter ready with OPERATION "E.W.W.S" (Embrace Winter with Style)!

First and foremost, do you have Ankara scarves? Remember we advised you about the importance of getting a scarf from your seamstress in one our articles titled 'Crown Me'. If you took to our advice than you can easily layer your Ankara scarves over your basic warm scarves/snoods just to give them a twist.

Ankara snood | Source

This is also an exciting time to have your seamstress make you some beautiful print blazers and if they are not thick enough, you can always make do with a statement coat!

Pairing statement coats with your Ankara piece has a lot to do with color compatibility and structure of the dress. For example, it would look weird matching a flowing maxi dress with a midi length coat. A waist or hip length coat would fit more perfectly. However, if you do have a short Ankara dress, a longer coat or one of about the same length as your dress, will leave you looking smart and sharp.

Statement Coat on Ankara | Source

If you do have Ankara outfits that are short sleeved, you sure can layer up with a long sleeve shirt

Plain shirt layered under Ankara | Source

Do you remember when Rihanna served us this killer combo?

Riri Layered up | Source

Finally, it’s winter honey. Invest in some really good tights or pantyhose or leggings or anything that limits cold from penetrating into your bare skin. You’ll thank us later.

Tights on Ankara | Source

Do you have any tricks you think we should know about OPERATION E.W.W.S? Tell us in the comments section below.

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