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It’s another beautiful day and just before we get right into it, we would love to share the quote below.

Source: Google

Everyday is an opportunity to rise above the norm. An opportunity to be the best version of yourself without fear. An opportunity to be a blessing to people around you.

Do not settle for less. The ones you admire today, fought to be where they are. You have that resilient spirit, so go on and take control!

On our outfit for today, we bring to you the Adesuwa Pants.

Adesuwa, a name rooted in the Benin/Edo culture of the Nigerian people, means “Surrounded by Prosperity” or “Center of Wealth”.

This red and black patterned pair of pants is a gorgeous piece which was designed and sewn to perfection. It portrays the confidence and boldness of a lady set to impress and conquer. When you read the history of the Benin people, you will believe without a doubt that KaimaDesigns makes no mistakes when it comes to naming outfits.

The Adesuwa pants are super comfortable and can be lined with thermal clothing conveniently. This can be paired beautifully with a blazer for a business look or a plain blouse for a more casual look.

Taking into consideration all that we’ve told you in this post about self worth, perhaps, you should rock on our pants and become the real center of wealth in your circle!

Once again, we appreciate you for always stopping by to read and sharing the good news of KaimaDesigns with the world. We love you and can’t wait to expand with you!

Have an amazing week!

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