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In God we trust

Our name stems from the Nigerian name 'Sochikaima' which means 'In God we trust.' Our brand is borne of faith, hope, and care for our community. 


Kaima Designs was born in 2017 as an online clothing brand that brought the beautiful details of African designs to life. We supported our clients in redefining archaic standards of beauty, remoulding beauty in their own image.  We saw true beauty for what it was: adventurous, bold, unique, socially responsive and responsible. For us, beauty comes in all colours, shapes, and sizes. So why shouldn't fashion?


In September 2018, Kaima Designs brought this spirit to the world of men’s fashion. Kaima Designs continues to elevate style through exceptional designs that adapt African wax prints to contemporary looks for a unique aesthetic experience.

Our designs portray the uniqueness, boldness, tenacity, resilience, and strength of the individual. Each design is intricately woven with the passion and determination that reflects our values.

With Kaima designs, you are guaranteed to look good and feel great by empowering others.



To our communities, our children, our future

Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS)

Our tagline ‘Beauty Redefined’ enunciates an innovative fashion brand with a purpose. Kaima redefines beauty by harnessing the inner beauty of an individual's generosity and compassion in the pursuit of a noble cause. At Kaima Designs we have adopted a two-prong approach to our CRS - support Canadian charities with similar objectives and support girl child education in Africa.


Canadian charities

Kaima Designs hosted its maiden Fashion Show in support of the Coverdale Centre for Women in 2018. The decision to support the women’s centre was prompted by our belief that strong and free women raise healthy children, run functional homes, pursue any career of their choice, establish businesses and ultimately build a better society. Above all, when women support women, magic happens. In 2019, half of the proceeds from Fashion Power was donated to the Strong Communities Campaign of the YMCA of Greater Saint John.

Due to the pandemic, the fashion shows were suspended. However, through a partnership with Key Industries to produce the Cheta Hoodies in 2021, our commitment to local charities remains unwavering. Key Industries is a non-profit dedicated to providing employment opportunities for Canadians living with disabilities.


Girl child Education Initiative

In support of our girl-child education initiative, a school uniform is donated to a vulnerable girl in need for every apparel sold at $50 or more. This is aimed at encouraging more girls in Africa to enrol in schools and complete their K-12 education. It is a means of empowering girls to break free from the cycle of poverty which increases their vulnerability to abuse of all forms including child labour and forced early marriages.

Beneficiaries of Uniform Project 2019
Beneficiaries of Uniform Project 2019 3.
School Uniform Drive_edited
Christine in group photograph with some

Women Empowerment Program

In fulfilment of its women empowerment efforts, Kaima Designs ensures that the school uniforms are produced by local women in the community at a fair wage to improve their earning power.

We believe that strong and free women raise healthy children, run functional homes, pursue career paths, establish businesses and ultimately build a better society. For these reasons, Kaima Designs is committed to partnering with other individuals, businesses and organizations in support of empowerment programs for women in need.

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