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Olaitan O.

I greatly appreciate all efforts that Kaima Designs put into designing and creating all items sold in her store. Her designs are carefully selected colorful and vibrant can I forget the story behind each posts and designs showcased on her social media pages... try visit and confirm my position on this. :) My review is based on all items I purchased in 2020, masks, tops, belts, ruffles, bangles, hooded sweater of all ages and gender.

I am not surprised at all because over 7 years I knew Christine, she has been and still a quality conscious individual who pays great attention to details. This same value she transferred into all pieces and designs she create... I refer to all items purchased from Kaima Designs as "deliberately made with love."

I LOVE all the items purchased from Christine and Kaima of Kaima Designs. I also appreciate the way these duo excellently deliver products to requested destinations, fair negotiation on payment methods and post purchase follow up on purchase...that experience is key to a legendary service experience, which lasts a lifetime. I won't fail to acknowledge the effort of her media team who constantly provide creative contents... I placed my first order based on an Instagram post made about covid_19 mask. One thing that kept me going back to order more items from this store is the selflessness and commitment to community, using proceeds from its sales towards girl child education and supporting local charities in Nigeria and Canada. That is remarkable and I am glad to know that the more I order items from Kaima Design, the more lives are being touched. We rise by lifting others need no further explanation other than what Kaima Designs and her team are doing to empower girls and women.

Happy New Year to you all @KaimaDesigns1.... you made it into my budget lists and I will order more items this year than 2020...and if course, I will continue to refer and recommend your business page for people to shop.

Cathy Babkirk

This mask design is so breathable! Your face does not get as hot and is so comfortable to wear! I love them 💗 thank you so much


I absolutely love all my items from Kaima designs, from the gorgeous skirt to the masks, I loved the masks so much I got one for all my faves ❤️


I love all the designs I bought from Kaima Designs. The details are exquisite. Keep up the work dear.

Steph H.

After a visit to Kaima Designs in the Summer, I totally fell in love 😍 with one of their beautiful designs, a knee length skirt that no one could possibly resist (It doesn’t matter how macho you are). Just like their other statement designs, you’re often faced with a paradox of choice from the gorgeous print selections. Anyway, this one stole my heart, especially seeing that I’m not a skirt lover. Once you see it, you’ll understand why.
My excitement was received with a warm welcome, prompt customer service and overall quality presentation. As with their other alluring services, they offered affordable and prompt delivery options if I preferred to have it sent to my home address. This experience completely dazzled me with a desire to keep going back for more.


I love all the clothes I bought from Kaima Designs. Besides quality fabrics, they have unique and elegant designs. You can't go wrong with Kaima Designs. I also love their face mask, it is comfortable and I am happy that I bought it for myself and my children.


Exquisite fast fashion line with a breathtaking statement that lingers..... Feel the coolness, wear the *KAIMA* designs. Cheers!!

Hadija Njoku

The face mask is beautiful and well fitted. Lucky I got one ☺️

Erin Stewart

I always get compliments on the beautiful design of my colorful kaima designs mask.


I have to say these are some of the best African designs and outfits this side of Canada. Getting to wear a piece of home and having it available to me is amazing. I have everything from shirts to pants to shorts. I love to support my African sisters doing something unique.


I absolutely love the clothing I bought from Kaima Designs: 2 dresses, a shirt and shorts. They fit so well on my shapely figure. I love the attention I get each time I step out in my Kaima Designs. I appreciate the vibrant colours and quality of these clothings and will definitely order more products in future.Thank you Kaima Designs for making me feel beautiful :)


Colorful, Pretty


An African clothing brand based in Atlantic Canada.

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