Kaima Designs: African Clothing Brand in Atlantic Canada.

Zainab Two-Tone Maxi Dress
Kufre Pencil Dress
Lotachi Midi Dress
Ada Sleeveless Dress
Christine-Omike Eruokwu_20181027_0176

ABOUT Kaima Designs

Kaima Designs is an African-inspired trendsetting clothing brand that helps its clients re-define the concept of true beauty - adventurous, bold, unique and socially responsible.


Kaima Designs an innovative fashion brand launched its children’s collection in the fall of 2019 due to increasing demand by our clients. The implication of our product line extensions is proof of our ability to adapt and metamorphose from a women’s only fashion brand into a family brand!

Our designs portray the uniqueness, boldness, tenacity, resilience, and strength of the individual. Each design is intricately woven with passion and determination which is reflective of our values.

BLOG Kaima Designs

Kaima Designs. African Clothing Brand in Atlantic Canada.

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