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Cheta hoodie design was inspired by a beaded Zulu outfit with geometric designs of substantial cultural significance. This hoodie was created in furtherance to our charity cause – Girl Child Education Initiative. A school uniform is donated to a girl in Africa for every hoodie purchased.


This year we intend to donate 1,000 school uniforms with the goal of boosting enrollment and retention of vulnerable school girls in grades K-12. During the Covid-19 lockdown across the globe, the source of livelihoods for many families in Africa was greatly impacted. Unfortunately, not many students returned to school after the lockdown due to lost income and financial constraints of the pandemic on these families.


'Cheta' is an eastern Nigerian word which means- Remember…

Kaima Designs is building a community of compassionate supporters with our Cheta Hoodie. When you purchase and wear this hoodie, we are urging you to remember that:


  1. You are supporting the employment of Canadians living with disabilities
  2. You are reducing the number of child brides in West Africa
  3. You are transforming lives and changing destinies with your purchase.
  4. You are supporting a meaningful cause while saving the environment with our eco-friendly packaging.


Cheta Hoodie is valued at $65 but for the purpose of this fundraiser, it is available for only $49.99 and $53.99 for sizes   (S-XL) and (2XL-4XL) respectively. The small size is ideal for children aged 9 and above.


Cheta Unisex Hoodie

  • Cheta Hoodie is an incredible investment and we would like to share some care instructions to ensure it serves you well and long. A little care and precaution are required to keep your hoodie hang with pride in your wardrobe.

    • When washing your dark coloured hoodie, you might want to add a little vinegar along with gentle detergent to prevent the dark colours from bleeding; and keep the colours intact always.
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not overstuff your washing machine when washing your hoodie
    • Do not mix your dark coloured hoodie with other light clothes
    • Wash inside out with cold water to ensure a long-lasting outcome
    • Dry on low heat or air dry. Do not over-dry to avoid shrinkage
    • Do not iron

Kaima Designs. African Clothing Brand in Atlantic Canada.

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