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African Print Hair Bonnet

African Print Hair Bonnet

PriceFrom C$19.99

Having a bad hair day? We've got your back (sorry your hair). Our hair bonnets come in 3 designs and 6 different fabrics (including satin), all created to provide the utmost comfort and ease of application.


Product Description:

1) Just Bonnet: is without any bow or belt. This is perfect for protecting your hair while sleeping or doing household chores such as cleaning and cooking. Price: $19.99


2) Bonnet with Bow is best for minimalist clients who want a great looking hair protector while outdoors in their casual outfits. It is also ideal for children. Price: $24.99


3) Bonnet with Belt: As the name implies, it comes with a detachable belt which could be tied around the bonnet to give a more formal and sophisticated look. The belt could also be used in accessorizing a plain dress or peplum top. The options are as numerous as your creativity and imagination permit. Price: $29.99


All bonnets come with silky satin lining to protect your hair.

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