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It was a beautiful evening at the Social Enterprise Hub as Saint John Community Loan fund and Hemming House marked their first birthday on December 1, 2017. As promised, there was livemusic, local artists, a market, film festival and foooooooooooooooood!! Oh, the food was so good. Clearly, a lot of thought was put into the preparation of the event.

The birthday bash kicked off at exactly 6pm with a lot of people flooding in and around the building. For those who came around, they’d remember we were flanked by Sussex Beard Oil Merchants and Earth’s Essence. However, with a mannequin dressed in our Zainab two-tone Maxi dress, our stand was not difficult to spot. We received a lot of admiration for our designs and fabrics from all and sundry.

At the event we were able to speak to people about the quality of our materials, how they are made and how they can place their orders here in Canada. Our winning piece for the night was our Binta Wrap-Peplum Top which went home with Lisa Hrabluk, an obviously overjoyed customer who was more than happy to try on her outfit on the spot!

You too can be a happy and fulfilled customer! All you have to do is browse through our website to find an outfit you’re most comfortable with. There’s a lot of choices here as you know, so yes, there’s definitely something for everyone.

Did you miss out on this awesomeness? Well keep an eye out, we just might be at a fashion show near you!

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