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The Power of Versatility

A lot of times we take a huge step in trying something new, different or audacious. This can range from as little as substituting the brand of your toothpaste to life changing decisions. However, we also understand that in making certain decisions we strive not to lose our roots; as such, the goal becomes to modify and not to eliminate. This could be likened to the phrase “One goes vegan, but never stops eating.”

Ankara fabric, no doubt is a unique piece of treasure capable of embellishing one’s appearance with great vibrancy and remarkable richness of colour. This could be further accentuated by the elaborate patterns and warm texture of the fabric. Nonetheless, we sometimes find ourselves in that mood where we desire to be discreet yet bold and stylish fashion statement with our appearance. The key is to always accessorize when in ‘that’ mood or when in doubt.

In this edition of the blog, we will be showing you creative ways using your Ankara fabric - Accessorize!

The best way to accessorize with Ankara fabrics is to make sure whatever you’re pairing with is plain coloured. This will guarantee the focus doesn’t shift from your accessories. Besides, you don’t want your Ankara pattern getting lost in ‘transit’ or portraying you as a walking colour wheel.

Make no mistake however, as much as we think accessorizing is a great idea, there is no such thing as too much Ankara. You can wear them all year long; in fact, you should consider wearing them for life, especially if you love to switch things up a lot.

Here are some creative ways you can make bold fashion statements while exploiting the versatility of Ankara without an iota of guilt:

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