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Compliments of the Season people! How did your week go? To tell you the truth, we couldn’t wait to have you back and that’s why we’ve put together this series that will blow your mind for the next couple of weeks – till we bring you something even bigger.

Think about it, we want you to find us worthy of being the preferred African clothing brand of choice in Canada and across the world. Hence, what better way to do this than to bring our clothing and style directly to you?


We are of the opinion that you will appreciate these pieces if we shed more light on how they’ve been named, how they came to be and some other important details.

So today we will be kicking off the series with the amazing Kufre Pencil dress.

Like all our other outfits here, Kufre is an African named outfit derived from the Ibibio/Efik natives of Nigeria, West Africa. Kufre, translated in the English language, means “do not forget”; so yes, it’s no wonder why this masterpiece was named so.

This is an amazing piece that guests at weddings, graduation ceremonies, dinners or parties won’t forget in a hurry. The Kufre pencil dress is a combination of four shades of blue and sparingly distributed white squares that reverberate the varied shades of a woman.

The triple-layered pleated sleeves with a layer of matching blue satin on each arm portrays the confidence and boldness of a woman set to conquer her fears.

So while you’re getting ready to shut down 2017 and conquer the new year, why not restock your wardrobe with a masterpiece that won’t be forgotten anytime soon?

Do not forget.

Until next week when we pull out another work of art for your perusal, stay fabulous!

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