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A happy and prosperous new year to you and yours! Welcome back to your number one fashion blog! Wow! Look at us; this dream of ours which was put into motion last year has really come this far.

We couldn’t have done it without you. Knowing you are always there for us, inspires us to dish out only the best to you! We do hope that all your aspirations will come alive sooner than you think. Let 2018 be your year to stand your ground in whatever industry you belong to. No more procrastination – all you must do is ‘believe’. It’s time to Go out there and conquer whatever has held you back!

Last week, we started off a series with Kufre, where we highlighted the uniqueness of our outfits as well as the origin of their names. This week we will continue that series with another breath-taking piece.

Our award-winning outfit for this week is the Modupe Jumpsuit.

Now with the temperatures hitting lows of -31°C, you really want to cover up. And just because the outfit covers most parts of your body, you can easily layer up underneath your jumpsuit.

It is however no coincidence that we have picked out this outfit to showcase today. Modupe, is a common African named outfit derived from the Yoruba people of Nigeria, West Africa. When translated to English language, Modupe means “I give thanks”; Hence you will agree that we intend to start this year on a good note, being grateful to God for little mercies.

The outfit itself is a stunning squared patterned outfit with patches of black, brown and red colors which reveal the maturity and sophistication of the wearer. The embellishments around the chest region radiate brilliance while the elastic waist and two side pockets adds some measure of comfort to the overall feel of the jumpsuit.

This sophisticated outfit can be worn as a casual or a business wear with a blazer.

So while we are at it, what are you grateful for? What happened in 2017 that you are so thankful for and what do you want to be grateful for in 2018? Well I’ll tell you what – getting this piece while it’s still in stock is something you’ll always be grateful for.

Be thankful.

Until next week when we pull out another work of art for your perusal, stay fabulous!

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