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Bose Yellow

Hello! Hello! Thank you so much for making it back here for another exciting time on our blog! Wow! You are the real deal!

Before we go into what we have for you today, how’s your day going?

No seriously, how is it?

If you are on the East coast, I can imagine the snow is really pouring down heavily and to worsen the situation, we have a weatherman who tells us it’s -5°C but we have a wind chill of -49°C.


Let’s get this straight, Mr Weatherman. If the wind chill is what it really feels like, then sir, the temperature is -49°C. WE need to get FACTUAL information so that WE can dress up accordingly. Imagine thinking the weather is one you can just wrap a scarf, only to get outside and find out you should literally be a human microwave.

Please Mr Weatherman.

Back to today’s edition, we will be sharing with you one of our masterpieces that can bear you the grace of walking back into your house should you mistake a -49°C for a -5°C. The good news is, when you do walk back into your house, you would not need to completely change your outfit but instead, just layer up!

The Bose Yellow & Red Jumpsuit is made from the finest and perhaps, one of the most sought-after Ankara fabrics. In the past, this fabric had to be among the traditional wedding gifts given to a bride as proof that the groom could provide for her. Even today, it is most commonly worn among elegant women of the Southern part of Nigeria as a sign of affluence – indeed the richness of the material is difficult to hide. The yellow and red patterns are uniquely intertwined to showcase you as a beautiful peacock who is not afraid to shine.

When is the best time to shine, you may ask?

Well, consider the name ‘Bose’ (pronounced Buh-seh) which is a short form of ‘Abosede’(pronounced Ah-buh-seh-day) a popular one among the Yoruba people which literally means “One who came at the onset of the week” or “Born on a Sunday”. If you recall from our previous post Modupe, the Yoruba people are a majority ethnic group from North Central and South-Western Nigeria.

So as we present you Bose today. Subsequently, you really might want to start your week as the most beautiful bird in town.

This beauty of an outfit is more casual than formal and may be worn at weddings, exhibitions and even night outs.

Shine Woman! The week is all yours.

Until next week when we pull out another work of art for your perusal, stay fabulous!

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