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Kaima is Here!

I remember quite recently when a friend of mine moved down from Ghana to Canada, to start work. The drive down to the airport was a breeze as the roads were clear; it was August, summer was just winding down. Standing just by the exit leading to the parking lot was Ana, dressed in a beautiful flowing silk dress with bags that could easily pass for weights. I quietly wondered what could be in all these bags as I pulled up closer to her. We said our hellos and did our hugs before we settled in for the drive back home.

Permit me to tell you that Ana has the perfect shape of an hourglass – no kidding. This was difficult to see in the dress she was wearing at the time but of course, I knew her before now, so it was no secret. Her dress screamed everything summer and if I wasn’t a seamstress who could make something similar for myself, I probably would have been jealous. We kicked into catching up very quickly and I went on and on about what a great summer it had been this year. She was quick to remind me how Ghana, her home country in West Africa was roasting due to unbearable heat. She loved it over there, but it was always too hot. I tried to reassure her that Canada might serve her better in terms of the balance in weather; I however did not neglect to chip in that winter was around the corner and hopefully, it wouldn’t be a harsh one.

Dear friends, this was the beginning of Ana’s tale of woes.

Ana was worried about how and where to get clothes that would fit her properly. This was a genuine problem for her. Due to the proportion of her hips to her waist, she was concerned that buying new pairs of trousers would require her making amendments that would cost a fortune. She even admitted that she had worn this dress simply because it gave her less headache about the fitting but then again, she couldn’t wear dresses all through winter.

Good thing she was talking to me, because I could point her in the right direction. I teased and asked her what then she had in her bags if she didn’t have a single good pair of trousers. Apparently, most of what she had in her bags were older Ankara outfits she just brought along in case she was left with no choice than to freeze in the cold. I tried hard not to laugh but I promised her the end of her troubles was near.

First and Foremost, changing your wardrobe when moving into a new environment is by no means a bad idea. Sometimes, it could be the very thing that reminds you of your goals and where you’re headed. It reminds you of all the sacrifices you’ve had to make to get to where you are.

If you cannot afford to change your entire wardrobe at once (we still advise that you do, even though gradually) then it will be a clever idea to learn how to layer up properly with your older/more “summer like” outfits. We wrote an entire post about it here.

With Kaima Designs Canada, you can be sure to get a customised fitting which puts into consideration and perspective the problematic areas in women’s dressing. So what exactly are you worried about?

You don’t have to experience all the heartache Ana had to go through simply because you want to keep warm during the winter. It’s so much easier to handle this when you have Kaima Designs on your side ‘all year round.’

Last I checked, there’s never a bad time to shop so Click! Click! Click away! Kaima Designs is here for it all!

Until next week when we come your way again, remain fabulous!

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