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Bisi Blue

It’s been amazing weeks of series so far and we are glad a lot of us are really taking notes! If you look closely at how we’ve been dishing out our stories in the last couple of weeks, you’ll realize we actually do follow a pattern. Taking into consideration that the weather is colder in North America now, we are focusing on jumpsuits which are very appropriate for the season.

This is not to say KaimaDesigns only deals with Jumpsuits.

How can?

Like we told you last week, we are here for all the tailoring perturbation you could possibly have. However, please note regarding this series, that we can only showcase outfits that are still in stock or that we plan on restocking on. Hence, you might see a particular outfit and wonder why we haven’t written about it… it’s likely currently out of stock.

Well let’s talk about Bisi very quickly before other people who love good things click her out of stock!

Bisi… Bisi… Bisi…

Bisi is derived from the full name Adebisi which means “we added to the crown.” It is a name that connotes royalty, responsibility and perseverance. Now when you look at the array of beautiful jumpsuits we have under our brand, it doesn’t take long to figure why she was named so. In her color, fabric choice and flary design, she truly is an addition to the line.

The vibrant blue and white patterned colors of the outfit project the image of a confident and stylish individual. And certainly, she is stylish as the outfit can be worn in 3 distinctive ways due to its elastic “cold shoulder” feature. Who says you can’t be fully fashionable in the winter?!

This outfit can be worn on occasions such as weddings, graduation or any semi-informal event.

With all this information, what’s next? Well, the next time you’re out on an occasion rocking the Bisi Blue and White Jumpsuit, feel free to truly be the ‘addition’ that you are. Contribute positively where necessary and carve a voice for yourself and the voiceless.

You are not only an addition to the crown; You are THE addition to your own growth and happiness!

If all our outfits aren’t sold out by next week, we’ll certainly be back with amazing styles for you. Until then, keep calm and stay fabulous!

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