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A Valentine’s Day Tribute

As a child, I loved watching beautiful models on TV and couldn’t get my eyes off their 'flawless skin' whenever I came across fashion magazines. Irrespective of their race or nationality, fashion models always looked impeccable in their characteristic slim, tall, elegant physique and seemingly cheerful look. It was not surprising to my family and friends when I enrolled at a modelling agency to address an obsession that was beginning to threaten my sanity. As a third year undergraduate I was finally exposed to the life of an average fashion model.

My days became stressful and nights, even longer as I combined studies with photo shoots, auditions and dietary sacrifices, all forms of long held admiration for fashion models began to wane gradually. I was literally burning the candles at ‘ALL’ ends. I watched as sheer awe and obsession gradually gave way to renewed and intense admiration for fashion models. It dawned on me eventually that behind every flawless skin and elegant stride lie a web of struggles and sacrifices. Indeed, all that glitter, truly isn’t gold. That was my sentiment the first time I met the NWH Models. These models comport themselves with such grace and compelling professionalism, and their humility and dedication know no bounds!

Lorraine Peters of NWH Modelling and Self Improvement

A chance encounter with the management and models of the NWH Modelling and Self Improvement changed my perspective on beauty. At NWH Modelling a.k.a Confidence and Self Improvement Clinic, everyone is beautiful and anyone can be a fashion model irrespective of their age, size, height and skin colour! The only prerequisite is an open mind and a positive attitude. They are groomed to shun societal definition of beauty because true beauty lies within their ability to love themselves unconditionally and flaunt that with great confidence.

As the world celebrates Valentine ’s Day today, ours would not be complete at Kaima Designs without a word of gratitude to Lorraine, Mary, Andrea and all the beautiful models at NWH for their selfless service to the local fashion industry in Saint John. A big thank you to Normand Hector for his exceptional mentorship and guidance to us! Sara Gradim (Club Rewind) thank you for always going the extra mile for others!

Kaima Designs celebrate you all today and always for the valuable support you provide to the local fashion businesses especially to the new immigrants. We are, because you are.

Here's a big beautiful heart to all of you...

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