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O Canada: The Land of the Maple Leaf

Every year on July 1st, Canadians across the world put aside their differences to celebrate Canada Day. The ceremony is marked with speeches, colourful parades, extravagant fireworks, and great musical performances to showcase Canada’s rich cultural and historical antecedents.

The origin of this national holiday dates back to 1868 when “Dominion Day” was celebrated for the first time. In 1982, “Dominion Day,” was officially changed to “Canada Day”.

Canada is home to some of the best cities, businesses, sports, universities, artists, entertainers and not-for-profits organizations in the world. More importantly, it is home to the Maple Leaf - a recognized emblem of Canada which symbolizes unity, tolerance, and peace. The sweetness of the Maple syrup is literally and figuratively “better experienced than imagined”!

Our little model wearing her Maple Leaf with pride as she "stands on guard" with her African inspired Messenger bag.

Another interesting fact about Canada is how it got its nickname.

Although it is unknown who coined the nickname “Great White North,” it is believed that the name has been in use in reference to Canada for many decades. In one of her articles, Hayley Simpson explained how the nation got its nickname. According to her “The general breakdown is that Canada is “Great” because it’s the second largest country in the world (by total area at 9.98 million square kilometres). It’s “White” because of the amount of Arctic frozen tundra and snow within the country. Finally, it’s “North” of the United States. Hence, the Great White North was born”.

As we celebrate Canada today, we are enjoined to reflect on the Maple leaf symbol and help make Canada a sweet and better place for all.

This article was inspired by these shift outfits because of the sweetness, peace of mind and freedom they bestow on those who wear them.

Happy Canada Day... Have fun and don't forget the fireworks!

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