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8 Simple Ways to Celebrate International Day of the Girl Child

Every year, the International Day of the Girl Child is celebrated globally on the 11th of October in recognition of gender-based violence and barriers faced by girls around the world. This day of observance was declared by the United Nations to highlight the inequality faced by girl children with the aim of raising their voices.

Many organizations hold workshops, webinars and competitions of varying degrees in commemoration of the International Day of the Girl Child. Some individuals organize extracurricular activities such as debates, spelling bees, indoor and outdoor games amongst others with the aim of helping girls embrace their feminity while appreciating their unique strengths and prowess. Most people often ascribe the International Day of the Girl Child to an observance initiated by the UN specifically for girls in the developing world. However, that's far from accurate. If you have sisters, daughters, nieces or neighbours (girls) below the age of 19 and are wondering how to celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child, then this article is for you.

The theme of this year’s celebration is “My voice, our equal future.” In light of this theme, we are enjoined to amplify the voices of our girls and guide them on the path towards becoming powerful changemakers. There are various ways you can celebrate this event today. Nonetheless, we will be sharing eight ways through which you can show the girls in your life and your community that you appreciate them and are concerned about what happens to them today and help them grow up to be the best version of themselves: strong, responsible, powerful, resilient and unique in all ramifications.

1) Remind a girl of her uniqueness and how amazing and powerful she will become 2) Watch a superhero-themed movie with your daughter, sister or any girl in your life. More movie titles are available here. 3) Support girl child education initiatives in developing countries 4) Purchase a girl power’ merchandise designed by adolescents to remind girls about their superpower. 5) Reach out to an organization that supports at-risk youth in your community and ask how you can assist the girls.

A girl proudly showing off her artwork (Wix Image)

6) Readers are leaders, right? You might want to purchase this book co-authored by Rona Ambrose which is an embodiment of the October 11 observance. 7) Mentor a girl who is struggling with her academic or extracurricular activities. It doesn’t hurt to be a part of a child’s success story. 8) Last but not least, if you are a media professional or an online influencer, this is from the United Nations to you: “Share stories of inspiring adolescent girls or girl-led organizations who are developing innovative solutions or leading efforts towards positive social change, including gender equality, in their communities and nations. Let’s amplify their leadership, actions and impact to inspire others.”

This video by Utsav 360 describes International Day of the Girl Child in a most relevant and succinct manner.

Video credit: Utsav 360

As we celebrate this year’s International Day of the Girl Child, take a moment to affirm the power and potential of girls around you because girls are indeed powerful change agents.


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