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The Power of Fashion

Today marks exactly one year since Fashion Power 2019 which was held on October 5. As I reflected on the event of that beautiful fall evening, it reminded me how far we have come on this journey. There's been days of laughter and joy as well as tears, disappointment, pain and fear. But in all these, I remain grateful to God for the opportunity to transform lives through fashion. To most people, fashion is a form of self-expression through glamour, style and trend both culturally and socially. However, at Kaima Designs, we do much more.

Kaima Designs was established in the fall of 2017 as an online African-inspired trendsetting clothing brand to help clients re-define the concept of true beauty - adventurous, bold, unique, socially responsive and responsible. Although we started off as a women's fashion brand, over the years, we have morphed into a family brand by incorporating the needs of men, boys and girls.

Our designs portray the uniqueness, boldness, tenacity, resilience, and strength of the individual. Each design is intricately woven with passion and determination which is reflective of our values. At the front and centre of our values lie social responsibility. Our brand encourages clients to be socially responsible in a convenient and most effortless way. For every apparel purchased, a uniform goes to a girl-child in Africa.

In furtherance of the above, Fashion Power was initiated as an annual charity fashion show organized in aid of Canadian charities and Girl Child Education Initiative. With the support of generous and compassionate individuals and organizations in the community, beneficiaries receive timely assistance required to fulfil their life goals.

A cross-section of event organizers and participants backstage and on stage at the event #fashionpower2019 #throwback

Every year, a local charity is selected by Kaima Designs based on certain criteria. In 2019, we are partnered with the YMCA of Greater Saint John through its Strong Families Campaign which provides financial assistance for all ages and stages to access proven YMCA programs. It gives them the opportunities they need to reach their full potential as well as, help them live healthier and happier lives. Kaima Designs charity of our choice in 2019 was Dreams from the Slum Empowerment Initiative because of the incredible support they provide to underserved members of the community particularly, towards child education and empowerment.

Mr Issac Omoyele, founder of Dreams from the Slum Empowerment Initiative in a picture with his staff and some beneficiaries of the Uniform Project

This year, Kaima Designs just like many other fashion businesses was unable to host its annual charity fashion show due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. While our prayers go out to everyone who has lost loved ones to the deadly virus, we remain hopeful for a better and healthier 2020 for our families, friends, clients, sponsors, supporters, partners and their loved ones. Your love and support through the years have empowered us to celebrate our diversity through fashion while fundraising for a good cause. This is the true power of fashion!

Do have a great week ahead.


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